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Welcome to the Chat5 homepage. Chat5 is a unique web chat program driven by PHP and MySQL. It is designed so that web developers can easily install it, and then customize every detail. Chat5 supports multiple rooms, whispering, registration and authentication or anonymous access, and includes an exclusive refresh interval timer.

Chat5 is perfect for small to medium communities lacking a chat system or IRC channel.

The most recent Chat5 version is 0.1.1. Click the Download link on the right to obtain a copy. Chat5 is distributed in ZIP and 7z format. [7z?]

Chat5 is powered by the popular web language PHP and the equally popular open-source database, MySQL. Thanks to these advanced programs, Chat5 operates at very fast speeds and can be used by thousands of users at once.

Powered by PHP Powered by MySQL
Here are some other highlights:
  • Useful custom interval timer allows low-bandwidth users to space out message checks
  • User registration and authentication available, or allow anonymous users
  • Fonts, font styles and font colors for messages brighten users' screens
  • Extremely customizable: web developers can modify almost every detail!
  • Advanced whisper system makes it easy for anyone to talk privately to their friends
  • It's a growing program; future developements will include private channels, moderation and even bots!
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